Tianyar Turtles (I)

turtle conservation program baliAt the start of the year we had spread the word to the local fishermen that we would reward anyone who brings any turtle eggs they find to us, rather than sell them at market. Last week we woke up to a visit from a local fishermen, clutching a plastic bag filled with roughly 70 turtle eggs. He explained that he had found a brand new nest next to his boat. This is a common situation as boats are docked along the beach and the eggs surely would not survive in the nest. Instead, we buried the eggs in a more suitable, safer area on the beach outside our centre. With our added cage to protect against dogs we hope these eggs will develop safely and become hatchlings.

These eggs are likely either Hawksbill or Green sea turtle eggs as these are the most commonly seen turtle species in the area. By our estimations they will hatch some time in early May. Keep up with our social media for any updates about our turtles.

turtle eggs at bali reef conservation