Mount Agung Update (30/11/2017)

north bali reef conservation - mount agung calm down

Here in Tianyar we are currently unaffected by Mt. Agung despite being closer than some areas which have been experiencing the ash fall. The wind has been blowing the ash south and this is expected to continue. North Bali Reef Conservation volunteers will remain in Tianyar unless advised to leave by the government. Currently Tianyar is accepting refugees from closer to Mt. Agung into their bale banjar (town hall).
Prospective volunteers planning to come in 2018 should be wary of the status of the volcano but need not be worried. We understand your concerns and suggest you continue the necessary preparations and only arrive if you are comfortable with the situation. It is not an issue if you wish to postpone your arrival, please contact us to organise this – it won’t be a problem.
We will continue to update our website with the most current and relevant information to our project. Please follow our updates. Another reliable news source you can follow is – The Indonesian Department of Energy and Natural Resources. Please be wary of other sources over exaggerating the situation here.

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