Artificial reef deployment

volunteering program bali - marine conservation program bali

Over the past week we have been busy deploying 3 fish domes and 30 roti buaya artificial reef structures. Our international volunteer team have been working with the local YBS sustainable fishermen to help with the deployments.

The deployments involve floating the structures out on a raft made by our fishermen. It is then dropped and placed onto an a bare, sand bottomed area approximately 8-10 meters deep. Once deployed, our trainee local divers ensure that the structures are placed in a stable, upright position.

We are already noticing significant improvements in marine biodiversity around the artificial reefs we deployed in September and these new structures will continue to provide ecological benefits to the marine biota.

We are also thrilled to witness the teamwork of our local fishermen and volunteers all working together for successful marine conservation.

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bali volunteering program - marine conservation program bali

artificial reef deployment - marine conservation program bali










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