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North Bali Reef Conservation- YBS Team Member


bali volunteer program reef conservation founder ketut

Ketut De Sujana Mahartana – Co Founder / Local Volunteer Coordinator

Ketut is also the founder of Yayasan Widya Sari –Volunteer in Bali, an NGO that provides free education and improves the lives of children in many villages across Bali. Since his childhood growing up in Tianyar, Ketut has noticed a significant decline in fish biodiversity and reef health along the Tianyar coast. Ketuts family was deep roots in the fishing community and co-founded this project to provide a sustainable livelihood to the people of the village. For the past 10 years, Ketut has been working to resolve the plastic pollution problem in Tianyar by teaching children about the issues, aiming to change the mindset they develop at home. There have been significant improvements with the amount of pollution along the coastline, but he understands there is still more work to be done.




north bali reef conservation team - zach

Zach Boakes – Co Founder / International Volunteer Coordinator

Zach, originally from England, visited Tianyar in 2016, and realised the local marine ecosystem was in urgent need of protection. He worked with Ketut to establish North Bali Reef Conservation in 2017, alongside his Environmental Science degree at Bournemouth University. Zach holds a keen interest in marine ecology and conservation, and is deeply concerned about the level of plastic in the Ocean around the world. His role at North Bali Reef Conservation involves managing volunteers, as well as organising an ongoing research project. The research that Zach is conducting, partly funded by the Society For Conservation Biology, assesses how artificial reef habitat enhancement improves marine biodiversity. As well as this, Zach also helps to coordinate classes with two local schools, in which he and the volunteers teach about plastic responsibility. This also includes organising weekly beach cleans with the schools to emphasise this issue.



bali volunteer program reef conservation program manager kyle

Kyle Osborne – Conservation Project Manager

Kyle is originally from Scotland and has a degree in Ecology and Conservation from Lancaster University. Now he has been with the project for the long term his Indonesian has improved greatly and can help to translate between the fishermen and volunteers to make sure everyone in the team is on the same page. His role in the project involves management of volunteers in Tianyar, updating our social media and assisting with the team in the construction of the artificial reef structures. Kyle is keen to implement and take part in regular reef monitoring surveys in the future to understand the extent to which our efforts benefit the reef. He has a particular interest in scuba diving for conservation and hopes to progress through the PADI certifications to be able to educate volunteers proper diving practices to ensure no damage is done to the reef.


bali volunteer program reef conservation local diver mangkuGede Mangku – Chief Builder

Mangku is our chief builder and the most creative in our team, often implementing new ambitious reef structure designs. He is the secretary of the local YBS fishermen group and is the main link between our two organisations. Mangku ensures that his friends in the YBS group come to lend us a hand in construction and deployment whenever they have the time. Mangku is still working on improving his English so he can communicate with our volunteers easier. Simply talking with volunteers in slow and simple English has already had a positive impact on their English understanding. Mangku also head the venture by the local fishermen to allow volunteers to accompany fishermen on their early morning fishing trips. While learning about the fishing methods they use, volunteers can also see the sunrise and may also be lucky enough to spot some dolphins.




local conservation staff komang bolet

Komang Bolet

Komang also regularly helps with our artificial reef structure construction and deployment. He also has a keen interest in scuba diving and often joins us underwater to move our structures. It is our hope that Komang will be able to make his way through the PADI certifications to be able to guide volunteers around both our artificial and natural reef. Maybe even progressing to the dive instructor qualification so volunteers and learn to dive here in Tianyar. Komang is also a driver, taking volunteers to popular destinations in Bali on their time off.






Yowana Bhakti Segara (YBS) fishermen group

Yowana Bhakti Segara roughly translates to ‘youth who protect their oceans’. This is a local fishermen community initiative aiming to improve fishing practices sustainably and ensure that all families in the community receive the help they need. Specifically with our project, the YBS fishermen mainly help with the construction of artificial reef structures and the deployment of structures. The most hard working and dedicated of the fishermen who help us are now employed by us. We hope that in the future we can employ all the members of this group and expand our conservation efforts with their help.