Do artificial reef structures actually work?

artificial reef project baliWe’ve been really pleased to see the success of our artificial reef structures over the last 13 months. Our ongoing artificial reef monitoring program has shown us that yes, our artificial reefs really are improving marine biodiversity and abundance on an area of previously destroyed reef.

Our varied artificial reef designs provide habitat niches for many fish species (commonly Damselfish (pomacentridae), Butterflyfish (chaetodontidae) and Surgeonfish (acanthuridae) (as seen in this photo)), as well Mantis Shrimp (stomatopoda), Hawksbill Turtles (cheloniidae), Moray Eels (muraenidae) and many more. We are also pleased to see several species of coral already growing on some of our older units.

More information on this will follow, as we continue to asses our marine biota from the monitoring program.

This photo is of our newest artificial reef units, taken by Egi Pamungkas from the Indonesian Nature Foundation.

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