Information for Approved Volunteers

north bali reef conservation - code of conduct

Thank you for joining our volunteering program at North Bali Reef Conservation. We look forward to having you as a valued member of our village.

Please read the following important information below (Living and Volunteering in Bali, Volunteers Survival Kit, Volunteers Code of Conduct) before leaving your home country to partake in your volunteering placement with us in Bali, Indonesia.

Living and Volunteering in Bali

Daily life in an Asian country may be vastly different to your own, so it is important to take the time to adjust to the culture and climate – drink water frequently. Culture shock, which is not uncommon, occurs when someone has difficulty coping with the overwhelming unfamiliarity of the new environment. Some symptoms you may experience may include excessive tiredness, anxiety, confusion, loss of appetite and homesickness. There will always be people available to you to discuss how you may be feeling, such as the Volunteer Co-ordinator, Founder and other volunteers.

As a foreign volunteer in Bali you are subject to all local laws and regulations, so please ensure you are aware of the following points:

Dress Code

Dress codes is a very important matter in Indonesia – please do not wear flamboyant or provocative attire. Your choice of clothing whilst living in a Balinese traditional village should show respect to the culture and customs. Do not wear short shorts or dresses, mid-length attire is far more acceptable. Your shoulders should be covered and your dress should be smart/casual at all times. As represenatives of you whilst you are a member of the community, the Founder and local staff will be held responible for your behaviour and appearance to the village as a whole, please show respect at all times, you have been welcomed into a traditional village as a volunteer not a tourist.

Health and Medical Issues

Please remember that you are responsible at all times for your own health care. There are several good web sites that contain up to date, country specific advice from medical professionals, e.g. W.H.O. – Please check with your local medical professionals about which vaccinations you might need before traveling to Bali, and please bring a basic medical kit with you.

Due to the high volume of tourists in Bali, there are various clinics available that service the needs of westerners.

Also, for more serious problems, there are several high quality clinics and hospitals near Denpasar, which offer a wide array of medical services.

Please refer to Healthy Traveling in Bali fact sheet for further information on health an medical issues in Bali.



Volunteer’s Survival Kit

  • Basic medical kit (plasters, bandages, antiseptic, Aspirin, Buscopan, vitamin C, and medication according to personal requirement if needed)
  • Appropriate sun protection; sunscreen, hat & sunglasses
  • Mosquito net / repellent
  • Ear plugs
  • Snorkel mask set & fins
  • Laptop (WiFi is available at volunteers accommodation)
  • Mobile phone (Unlocked so an Indonesian Sim card can be used)
  • USB stick
  • Power adaptor / extension cable
  • Camera
  • A small torch and spare batteries
  • Small backpack (for shopping and day trips)
  • Towel
  • Pen / paper / notebook
  • One pair of comfortable trekking/walking shoes
  • Small wallet/purse
  • Contact details and emergency details
  • International driving licence (necessary if you want to rent a motorbike in Bali)
  • Travel guide on Bali
  • Indonesian phrasebook (helps when there is no English translation available)


** Pre-Departure Checklist for Volunteers (should be checked at least one month before traveling to avoid visa trouble, not getting a new passport in time etc.!!!)

  • Scan/Copy all relevant documents and save them at home on your computer and in your email account (passport, international driving licence, plane ticket)
  • Passport – must be valid for six months from the last date of travel out of the country
  • Check expiry dates on your credit card
  • Arrange travel health insurance and make sure that all activities you plan to do are covered (scuba diving for example often requires a specific insurance)
  • Consider travel cancellation insurance especially for overseas plane tickets
  • Have you provided us  with your Emergency contact details
  • Have you read North Bali Reef Conservation Code of Conduct ? (Will be signed by yourself on your arrival)
  • If you are taking medication, keep it in your hand luggage not in your suitcase
  • Create a skype account to be able to chat with your family back home and make phone calls for free



Volunteer Code Of Conduct at North Bali Reef Conservation

Prior to commencing your volunteering period with North Bali Reef Conservation, all volunteers must read and sign our Code of Conduct’. This document will be provided to you during your program orientation.

Below is an example of our Code Of Conduct.


Volunteers  Name: _______________________________________

As a volunteer, I am committed to:

– Comply with any reasonable requests by North Bali Reef Conservation’s management staff: for example: attend program regularly unless you are ill.

– you are required to disclose if you are on any medication and / or have any medical conditions.

– being responsible for any damages I, or my guests, may cause to the accommodation and fellow participants goods.

– being considerate of those living around me, both other volunteers and Balinese staff whilst living at North Bali Reef Conservation.

– not invite or have an outside guest visit or reside at North Bali Reef Conservation without prior permission from Yayasan Widya Sari.

– not communicate the address of the home stay and the center for the safety of the other volunteers.

– dress appropriately while participating in a program. E.g. females and males must not wear singlet’s, females not to display legs above knees and stomach area. Females are requested to wear t-shirt and shorts while swimming at the local village beach.

– behave according to local accepted behavior.

– not have any connection with illegal activities or substances. Drugs are totally unacceptable in Indonesia, the Indonesian government strictly punishes those who are found to use or own drugs. North Bali Reef Conservation accept no responsibility for any participant found to be in violation of any local or international laws and a participant who is found to break any local or international laws will be dismissed immediately from the program.

– not behave in any manner, which is likely to bring North Bali Reef Conservation into disrepute.

– only consume alcohol in moderation and not to attempt to drive any vehicle whilst under the influence of alcohol.

– not consume alcohol at volunteer’s home stay without the authorization of the founder.

– not volunteer or work with any other organization in Bali/Indonesia without seeking approval by your Volunteer Coordinator.

– not cause distress to anyone at the placement including students or fellow participants.

– not enter any physical relationship with any student,  It is strictly forbidden.

– not engage in physical violence towards any other volunteer or community member. It will not be tolerated and is grounds for immediate dismissal from the program.

– I understand North Bali Reef COnservation is against all forms of abuse against children and that any misconduct found will be reported to the authorities in Bali and your home country.

– being responsible for my own health and safety by acquiring travel insurance before I arrive in Bali.

Any volunteer found to be to be in violation of this code of conduct, will be given a verbal warning. If inappropriate behavior continues a final written warning will be issued. After this point North Bali Reef Conservation reserves the right to terminate the volunteers placement, at any time.

In case the violation is considered as serious, e.g. a participant is breaking the law or seriously endangering themselves or those around them, the volunteers placement will be terminated immediately.

Note : If any volunteer decides to leave the project before the committed ending date, they have to inform and discuss the matter with the coordinator beforehand . There will be no refund.

Herby, by signing this Code of Conduct, I confirm that I clearly understand, and agree with, what’s stated in this Code of Conduct.

Volunteers Name


Volunteers Signature


Date:  ______/_______/___________