Tianyar’s coral reef needs your help! After years of unsustainable fishing practices large parts of the reef are now bare with little chance of coral to recover naturally. For these bare, sandy areas of Tianyar reef to be filled, thousands of artificial reef structures are needed. To help meet this demand we offer an artificial reef structure sponsorship program, allowing sponsors to design their own structure and personalise it with their name, the name of a loved one or even the name of a business. A personalised reef structure would be a fantastic gift for holidays or special occasions – their name will forever rest on the bottom of the ocean off the coast of North Bali, providing vital habitat for coral and reef fish. You will receive a certificate of sponsorship as well as updates when the structure is made, when the structure is deployed and yearly thereafter via email. Structures can take up to a month to be deployed so sponsor in advance.


Sponsor a Roti Buaya

Roti buaya are the more basic of the two structures but have a greater capacity for creative design. All roti buaya can be personalised with the name of the sponsor or the recipient if requested. Roti buaya designs must follow specific standards to ensure they remain strong. Long and thin structures or structures with thin projections may be too weak and can break. Please look at the gallery provided below for examples of acceptable structures. If the requested design is not suitable we will contact you. If no specific design is requested then the default oval shape will be used. 

Cost to sponsor a roti buaya = USD$ 10

*Once you have paid please contact us via email to arrange the design and personalisation of the roti buaya




Sponsor a Fish Dome

Fish domes are 1.5m high, 1m wide, hollow domes with holes to allow small fish to pass through. These structures are more complex, require more materials and provide a better habitat for reef species.  Fish domes excel in attracting small reef fish, especially juveniles which use the structures to avoid predation. These are the premium reef structures and due to their more complicated design there is little room for alternative designs, although ideas are welcome. Of course the structure can be personalised with names. Please see gallery for examples

Cost to sponsor a fish dome = $50

*Once you have paid please contact us via email to arrange how your fish dome will be personalised.