Sea Turtle Adoption

Sea Turtle Adoption in North Bali

Each year on the black sand beaches of North Bali hundreds of mother sea turtles gather to lay their eggs, having instinctively migrated from all over the pacific ocean to return to the same area they themselves hatched decades ago. These Olive Ridley Turtle populations are already threatened globally and with numbers dwindling each year the safeguarding of these nests and the resulting hatchlings becomes even more critical. In the most vulnerable stage of their life turtle hatchlings are now threatened by poachers more than ever before and desperately need our help. In an effort to turn these poachers into protectors we offer incentives to donate the precious turtle eggs to us rather than sell them at the local market. In turn, we relocate the eggs to a safer part of the beach where the local fishermen can watch over them and we can release them safely when it’s time for them to hatch.
This year is a little different since our volunteers might not be able to help and so we would like to offer the opportunity to adopt a baby turtle! For turtle(s) adoption you’ll be able to give them a name and once they hatch you (or your chosen person) will receive a turtle adoption package via email. This include an e-certificate, a photograph of the sponsored hatchling, the hatchling’s date of birth, and a random sea turtle fact! Early in the morning, once the hatchling has emerged from the sand we will chaperone and document each one as it makes its perilous journey from the nest to the ocean. Once they get past the swell all that’s left to do is wave goodbye as they start the rest of their lives.
All proceeds will go directly to the local people involved in our conservation efforts, who have all been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. We believe that understanding the value of conserving the environment is crucial to prevent further poaching and exploitation of sea turtles in the future